More About Kanteles

The Kantele Shop sponsors and/or provides different types of workshops, including learning to play kantele and learning to make kanteles. One workshop for building and playing kanteles was held in the autumn of 2010 near Ely, Minnesota.

Watch a short video about making and playing kantele – from YLE TV in Finland

A gorgeous video by Priscilla Hernandez featuring a 10 string kantele from the kantele shop

Watch a video of 5 string kantele played in Native American style by Mark Church

An Endorsement Of A Kantele Shop Instrument "One of my best purchases in life"

More Endorsements from purchasers of kanteles from The Kantele Shop

"Katele" and other unusual kanteles

"Konantele" - a kantele for Conan O'Brien

Hockey players play kanteles

Kantele Playing Instructions Book by Lani Thompson

Some kantele resources - recordings, build-your-own plans, teachers, and more

The Kanteleplayers Group online

Carl Rahkonen's Dissertation on the Kantele

Diane Jarvi's Poem about 5 string kanteles

Photos of and poem about the "haiku of harps" weathered kantele that Rick Tarquinio plays

Video of Gerry Henkel Playing "Music For A Straw Hat"

Video of Gerry Henkel accompanying Ulla Suokko

Spiral Nebula Improvisations - a recording of kantele music

Finnish folk music magazine article about The Kantele Shop (pdf) - With English translation

The founder of The Kantele Shop

The Kantele Shop - where even a bull can make music.

Click on photo above for a QuickTime movie. Meet El Torokantele.